Comau XMini Robot


The missing link between robot-like flexibility and machine tool precision. ​Comau innovation puts the power of high-speed robotic machining in your hands with its newest machining tool that is strong enough to do multiple operations in aluminum, titanium and composite materials. Introducing the new Comau XMini, a compact and highly flexible 5-axis carbon fiber machine tool robot developed in collaboration with Exechon.

XMini gives you performances of a machine tool and the flexibility of an industrial robot with a modular structure that can be disassembled, relocated, reassembled and recalibrated in just a few hours.

It is designed to handle complex parts like frames, battery boxes and structural components.

Standard Features

  • Single setup, 6-side burr free machining
  • Speeds reaching up to 3g acceleration
  • High flexibility with high stiffness and accuracy
  • Designed for complex parts and components
  • Cycle time reduced by up to 50%
  • Productivity improvement of up to 20%
  • Unique, patented carbon fiber architecture


Repeatability <5 µm
Max Speed (X) 90 m/min
Max Speed (Y) 90 m/min
Max Speed (Z) 30 m/min
Max Accel (X) 30 m/s2
Max Accel (Y) 30 m/s2
Max Accel (Z) 10 m/s2
Max Work Envelope Diameter 3,000 mm - Height 1000 mm
Spindle HSK 40-20,000 RPM

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